Instant TRIP is held every Tuesday evening from 7-7:30p with a pick-up session Wednesday mornings from 8:45-9:15a. 

Just a little planning ahead is all you need to do to reduce your tuition through your everyday shopping! TRIP is held every week in the rotunda at ACS!

Participation in the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is available to all parents considering Christian education or presently involved in Christian education. Over 370 retailers participate by refunding a portion of their sales to Christian school parents!

Here’s how it works: The TRIP Committee buys certificates at a discounted price and then sells them to parents who order and buy these certificates at face value. The discount, or rebate, is then credited to the family’s tuition account. TRIP is a completely parent-run volunteer program designed to benefit first the parent, then the school.

Which retailers participate? Click the order form to see a list of retailers.

Networking: Friends, neighbors, other family members, grandparents, etc., can help you just by putting their orders and checks in your envelope, or they may set up their own account by assigning their TRIP credits to benefit your family’s tuition account.

Future Families: Don’t have a child in school yet? This is perfect for you! Earnings can exceed a year’s tuition before your child even gets to school and then keeps helping out throughout his/her years through high school.

Voucher: To receive credit from TRIP Voucher “Yellow Pages”, present to the retailer the 3-part TRIP voucher form prior to purchase. If you need a TRIP voucher form, stop by a TRIP session or pick on up in the small wooden TRIP cart.

Allendale Eye Care, LLC: 4% of all in-office cash/check payments will be donated with no pre-purchased certificates required.

Your help is needed to keep TRIP running smoothly: Contact Rebecca (893-5560) for more information and to sign up on the volunteer list! Thank you to the many volunteers who have already stepped forward to help make Instant TRIP a successful program for all participants.