A Day in Y5



Y5 Curriculum A Day in Y5


Each day in Young Fives begins with devotions. It is very important that students are given the opportunity to learn more about who God is and His role in their lives. There is a time set aside during the middle of the day where the students will learn more about the Bible through Bible stories and lessons. Young Fives’ students have the opportunity to memorize Bible verses that go along with the Bible stories and lessons that they are learning.

Another focus during the day for Young Fives is a literacy activity. This might include a poem or other activity that corresponds with the theme for that day. Students will also move through stations tied to the different areas of literacy: letter recognition, phonological awareness, letter formation, beginning sounds of words, etc. The class uses the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, as well as the Phonological Awareness curriculum from the Christian Learning Center.

Math is taught during a block of time during the day as well. The teacher will lead a group time where a certain skill will be the focus. This may include skills like number recognition and formation, one-to-one correspondence, and counting. Students have the opportunity to move through stations to enforce the skills that are being learned.

After lunch, there is a time for Read-Aloud, as well as more learning centers. Students in Young Fives also have the opportunity to go to specials classes. These classes include Art, Library, Music, and PE.