Kindergarten: Kindergarten in an introduction to creating. This is a leveling year, so that all students move forward with the same base knowledge to build on. Students are introduced to all major materials used in the art room. They learn how to use them, and begin to learn how to take care of them. Projects will circle around shapes, lines, colors and seasons.

1st This year, students will do many projects that build confidence in materials that were introduced in kindergarten. Many projects will relate to classroom learning to reinforce concepts. Students will also be able to take care of all art materials and use them properly.

2nd In second grade students begin to take their knowledge learned and apply it to different cultures and styles of art. They learn about artists and cultures and why they did art like they did. Students are able to experiment with trying things they may not think of on their own.

3rd In third grade students are exposed to more artists and cultures. They are able to expand what they know about world art and how artists use art to tell stories, express emotions and how they use basic art principals to do it.

4th In fourth grade students are introduced to more complicated techniques, and ideas of artmaking. They can begin to use their own experiences more in their work and begin to develop their own artistic style.

5th In fifth grade, students are given a bit more freedom and choice to solve artistic problems. They are presented with a task and expected to solve it in their own creative way. They begin to internalize the concepts learned in previous years and use them in their own style.

6th In sixth grade there is an emphasis on working as a team on projects. It is tricky to learn to “let go” of their own ideas and compromise as a team. This helps them start to see what is important to them in their art and what is ok to compromise.

7th In seventh grade students begin to use a sketchbook to work on technique and brainstorm ideas. Artists have used sketchbooks throughout history as a tool to become better artists. Students are encouraged to explore personal meaning in their art.

8th In eighth grade there is a push to produce art that is technically proficient, as well as personally satisfying. Students do many projects that involve personal choice making. They will create several pieces that will be keepsakes, including the infamous artist project and resultant chair painting!