Five-day K



K Curriculum Five-day K


img_5823Students in the five-day Kindergarten will attend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with all Kindergarten students, and then attend the Tuesday and Thursday class, which is considered an Enrichment Kindergarten.

The focus in Enrichment Kindergarten is project-based learning. This allows the students to learn in a way that promotes problem finding and solving, decision making and follow through and group collaboration and communication. Math, science, reading, writing and social studies are all combined in an approach that values questioning, listening, researching and solving. It seeks to find real life problems and a means to solve them, often in more than one way. Even the youngest of minds are able to learn in this meaningful way that also encourages brainstorming and reflection. This year the children discovered that our preschoolers were not allowed on the playground because of state rules. They thought that was very sad so they decided to do something about it and now we are working on a safe and fun outdoor play area for them. It has been amazing! We also devote a lot of time learning about who we are as a child of God, in Allendale, in Michigan, the United States, in our continent and the world. We dig deeply into each of these areas and learn what role we play as Christians, in each. We have learned a lot about our place in the world and what that looks like when you are a Christian.

ACS Kindergarten students who are in the three-day Kindergarten class have the option to move to the five-day option at any point during the school year!