early-childhood-002Kindergarten at ACS is focused on providing a safe and accepting atmosphere where God’s love is demonstrated in both word and deed. Our curriculum aims to teach each child at their developmental level, laying a strong foundation upon which future learning is built. For Bible, we use the curriculum, Walking with God and His people. The kids will learn about the heroes of faith. They will also study the birth of Jesus, His life, miracles, parables, death and resurrection. The kids will consider how this all relates to us today! For Language Arts, the curriculum is based on Zoophonics, which is a phonetic approach to teaching reading. Handwriting without Tears is used for learning how to write. A workshop approach is used in both reading and writing. The Math Expressions curriculum provides hands-on lessons and practice, promoting thinking skills and applying all of this in life. In Science, Kindergarten students learn about the five senses, living things, and our Earth. In The units are seen from the eyes of a Christian, who is called to care for the world as God’s stewards. Students will learn about ourselves and ourneighbors, and our role as followers of Christ in society through Social Studies. Finally, Kindergarten students will participate in Art, Computers/Technology, Music, PE, and Library. The Kindergarten program is just one more way that ACS equips our students academically, spiritually, and socially to live for God in all aspects of life. To learn more detail about the curriculum, please click on the Curriculum tab above.

k-feastACS provides two different options to parents for Kindergarten. Students can be enrolled in the three-day Kindergarten class, which meets for full school days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All of the key curriculum that prepares students for first grade is covered in the three-day class. The other option is the five-day Kindergarten class, which meets every school day. Students in the five-day Kindergarten will attend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with all Kindergarten students, and then attend the Tuesday and Thursday class, which is considered an Enrichment Kindergarten. To learn more about the Enrichment Kindergarten option, please click the five-day K tab above. Students enrolled in the three-day class are able to transition to the five-day class at any point during the school year. Some families transition their student after Christmas break to help prepare for the full week of school that they will experience in First grade.

If you have any questions about the Kindergarten program at ACS, please give us a call at (616) 895-5018!