Kindergarten Curriculum



Kindergarten at ACS is focused on providing a safe and accepting atmosphere where God’s love is demonstrated in both word and deed. Our curriculum aims to teach each child at their developmental level, laying a strong foundation upon which future learning is built.

Bible: We teach lessons based on the curriculum from Christian Schools International: Walking with God and His People. It begins with the stories of how God created the world and travels through the Patriarchs and heroes of faith. We study the birth of Jesus, His life, miracles, parables, death and resurrection. We consider how all of this relates to us today.

Language Arts: Our curriculum is based on Zoophonics, a phonetic approach to teaching reading. This program is enhanced by lessons including phonemic awareness, sight words, building blocks and excellent literature. Writing begins early in the year and is incorporated throughout the curriculum. We also use the workshop method from MAISA for both reading and writing.

Math: Our text is Houghton Mifflin-Math Expressions which provides hands-on lessons and practice towards fluency, and provokes thinking and applying all of this in life. The curriculum provides for differentiation and stresses number concepts and seeing tens and ones in numbers. All the basic kindergarten concepts such as patterning, sequencing, addition, counting, etc. are covered.

Social Studies: Our units focus on the seasons of the year such as the history of Thanksgiving and the meaning of Christmas and Easter. We learn about ourselves and our neighbors and our role as followers of Christ in our society.

Science: Our units come from the Battle Creek Science Curriculum. They consist of: “Our Five Senses”, “Is it Living?” and “Our Earth”. It is our goal to teach these units as seen from the eyes of a Christian who is called to care for this world as God’s steward.

Physical Education: Kindergarten students receive one half hour of PE instruction each week. Students love to be active as they learn new ways to move and practice how to stay in personal space as they move. Many different objects are used to introduce basic skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

Art: Kindergarten students receive forty minutes of art instruction each week. Kindergarten is in an introduction to creating. This is a leveling year, so that all students move forward with the same base knowledge to build on. Students are introduced to all major materials used in the art room. They learn how to use them, and begin to learn how to take care of them. Projects will circle around shapes, lines, colors and seasons.

Music: Kindergarten students receive one half hour of instruction each week. Through the curriculum of Education Through Music (ETM), Music Express, and Singing Games Children Love, students experience music through movement, how to perform steady beat to music and how to echo short rhythms and melodic patterns.

Computers and Technology: Kindergarten students receive one half hour of computer instruction each week. Students use fun, interactive websites and basic programs like MS Paint to be creative and reinforce classroom learning. We do a lot of work reinforcing letter sounds and beginning reading skills. In addition, students learn about the parts of the computer and how to properly take care of them.