Middle School Sports


Students at ACS have a unique opportunity. Our students are able to participate in sports without fear of being cut. For some students middle school is the only opportunity they will have to participate in sports because of the competition in high school. We encourage students to participate in as many sports as they wish as long as they maintain academic success.

Joining a team is a commitment that is taken seriously. Students are expected to attend all games and practices. A student who quits the team after making the commitment to participate will not be eligible to play the next full season sport offered at school. Students may appeal this decision to the athletic director and principal if there is a special circumstance forcing them to quit.

Our school is a member of the A.O.K. Christian Middle School Sports League. The member schools of this league are; Adams, Allendale, Byron Center, Calvin, Dutton, Heritage, Hope, Hudsonville, Jenison, Legacy, Moline, West Side, and Zeeland Christian Schools. (AOK Baseball Rules)

As a member of this league we participate in the following sports:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Track
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Baseball

In addition, we will occasionally participate in various tournaments or sporting events.

All seventh and eighth graders are eligible to participate, sixth graders as necessary.

This largely depends on seventh and eighth grade involvement.

Practices and Games:

  • Typically require 1-4 afternoons per week, however, due to our shortened seasons some coaches will require more time at the beginning of the season.
  • Each sport plays 8-10 games except for track.
  • Coaches expect you to attend practices even if you are injured.

Driving/Away Games:

  • Each parent with a student participating in sports is expected to drive at least once. However, we understand that is not possible for some of you. Thanks to those who drive extra!
  • Each player is expected to provide gas money for every sport they participate in. We do reimburse drivers for gas money.
  • We can not predict a return time. Students will call on the way home. Please do not make the coaches wait.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of our athletic programs