Seventh Grade


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Middle school at Allendale Christian School is designed to nurture the child emotionally, physically, academically, and spiritually. We help each other experience God through the lens of scripture and discern how we can apply that to our daily lives. While in sixth grade we help students adjust to middle school life and in eighth grade we begin the preparation for high school; seventh grade is a time to help students foster positive habits in all areas of school and life.

Bible: In seventh grade Bible we use the updated Christian Schools International Bible curriculum, Walking with God and His People. Most of the year is spent in the Old Testament. We begin with an overview of the major themes in the Old Testament, followed by a unit on some of the major Jewish feasts and festivals. Through all of this, we try to learn more about our faith and how it is shaped through the history of the Old Testament. These two units are followed by a unit on the book of Job and lastly prayer. The unit on Job helps give us perspective and strengthens our faith in new ways. The unit on prayer causes the students to really stop and think about how they communicate with God.

Language Arts: Seventh grade language arts starts out with a lively poetry unit which includes analyzing, writing, selecting, and performing poetry via an interpretive recitation experience. In addition to grammar and independent reading requirements, highlights for the course include a European country report, literature circles based on books set in Asia, and a short story unit that culminates with the students writing and illustrating their own stories. Significant portions of the language arts’ content in 7th grade is integrated with the units covered in social studies to promote an even more in-depth understanding of the content. These connections also provide for frequent opportunities to evaluate and discuss our role as believers in today’s world.

Math: We use Connected Mathematics from Prentice Hall. Connected Mathematics encourages not only memorization but also understanding of and critical thinking about mathematical concepts. The units we learn in 7th grade focus on an introduction to algebra; using mathematical models to learn about non-linear relationships; area and perimeter; ways of making comparisons, including ratios, proportions, percentages, and rates; and similarity. Our study of math enables us to understand in a fresh way our orderly, creative God.

Science: Middle School Science is taught from the Biblical perspective of creation (Genesis 1) and God as the creator of our magnificent universe. We use the Battle Creek Science Curriculum in seventh grade. We begin the year by delving deeper into the energy of sound and light. We also learn about the majesty and power of God as displayed through our climate and weather. One area of study that the students always find amazing is our introductory unit into the world of chemistry. This provides a glimpse into some of the intricate ways that God has created atoms to interact with each other. A final unit of study introduces the students to another area of God’s amazing creativity in heredity and genetics.

Social Studies: We begin the year with a unit on mapping and basic geography skills. We use the World Studies curriculum by Pearson/Prentice Hall beginning with the ancient civilizations from the Fertile Crescent through Ancient Rome followed by a unit on Europe and Russia, a unit on Asia, and finally a unit on Africa. In each case, we study the geography and culture of the various parts of the world. Nystrom Mapping Labs also provide hand-on experiences to coincide with several of our units. Finally, our language arts units often provide enhancement for the content studied in seventh grade social studies. Seventh grade social studies is often a time when the students’ understanding of the length and breadth of God’s world becomes much more real to them.

Physical Education: Seventh Grade students receive two forty-five minute sessions of PE each week. At this point, students should be able to work effectively independently or in groups and make appropriate decisions to resolve conflict in game situations. Each day in class there is a focus on fitness development and skill development.

Art: Seventh Grade students receive forty-five minutes of art instruction each week. In seventh grade students begin to use a sketchbook to work on technique and brainstorm ideas. Artists have used sketchbooks throughout history as a tool to become better artists. Students are encouraged to explore personal meaning in their art.

Music: Seventh and Eighth Grade students combine in one class to receive three forty-five minutes classes of band instruction as well as forty-five minutes of choir instruction each week.  Through the curriculum from Choral and Instrumental Repertoire and Standard of Excellence, students read whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and dotted notes and rests in both simple and compound meters, and sing music written in three parts. Students communicate an idea through musical arrangements as well as evaluate quality and effectiveness of musical performances.

Computers and Technology: Seventh Grade students receive one forty-five minute class of computer instruction each week. Student learning is focused on preparing students for responsible use of technology in the 21st century. Students use various educational websites and software programs to do research, show creativity, problem solve situations, and share information with others. A great deal of the instruction is integrated with core class material.