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Since 1915, Allendale Christian has had the opportunity to serve families in the Allendale community by providing children with an excellent education, helping them understand and practice service in God’s kingdom, and walking with them as they grow in their faith. God has blessed us in achieving our mission through the support of parents, grandparents, local churches, staff, alumni, volunteers, and many others who care for our school. Without the time, talents, and funds from these individuals and families, Allendale Christian would not have the resources and ability to fully achieve the school’s mission.

There are many ways for you to support Allendale Christian in achieving our mission to equip students academically, spiritually, and socially to gratefully serve God in all aspects of life. We are grateful for any act of support for our school, whether it is through volunteering, through the donation of money or other resources, or spending time praying for our students, staff, and families.

For those looking to give financial support to ACS, we have opportunities through the following:

Loyalty Drive: The annual Loyalty Drive directly offsets the cost of Christian education for ALL children currently enrolled at ACS. This important source of funds will help keep tuition affordable for the families of Allendale Christian School.

ACS Foundation: The ACS Endowment Fund, held at the Allendale Community Foundation (part of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation) is an opportunity for supporters of ACS to leave a permanent legacy on Christian education in Allendale. The Fund allows for a distribution every year to be used for the general fund in order to keep tuition affordable. The Fund will continue to grow over time and allow us distributions for years to come, helping current students and the following generations.

Tuition Assistance: One goal for Allendale Christian is to make Christ-centered education available to as many people as possible. For some, tuition assistance is very important to be able receive this education. We appreciate any gifts that can be used to help families in our community make Christian education a reality for their children.

Scholarship Fund: Some families at ACS have financial needs beyond what is offered through the tuition assistance fund. The Scholarship Fund provides funds to make sure that these families have an opportunity to receive an ACS education.

Other Opportunities: If you are interested in learning about other ways that you can support ACS, please feel free to call the office at (616) 895-5108, or email Brian Koetje, Principal, at

Business Event Sponsor: If you have interest in a business sponsorship of one of our major events (Walkathon, Foundation Dinner, Auction, 3-on-3 tournament, Golf Outing), please send an email to We can share the cool opportunities to support ACS and promote your business.

IRS Information – Helpful Links to Forms and Publications

Forms and Instructions:

Charitable Contributions:

Special IRS Publication 1771 – Charitable Contributions:

Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements explains the federal law for organizations such as charities and churches who receive tax-deductible charitable contributions and for taxpayers who make contributions.

The Internal Revenue Service recently released “Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations,” IRS Publication 1828.

The guide explains the benefits and responsibilities under the Federal tax system of churches and other religious organizations. Topics include tax-exempt status (and jeopardizing same) and issues of unrelated business income and political campaign involvement, to name a few.

Lifetime Stewardship Journey

There are specific times and events in your life when planning your gifts can result in a great benefit for both you and your favorite charities.

“Where you are” in your Christian living and giving journey, may depend on what life stage you are experiencing. That is why we have identified four different life stages and associated giving opportunities and resources unique to each life stage.

You may select the life stage giving opportunities and resources you wish to explore by clicking on the appropriate box.