Young Fives Curriculum



Y5 Curriculum A Day in Y5

Young Fives at ACS is focused on providing a safe and accepting atmosphere where God’s love is demonstrated in both word and deed. Our curriculum aims to teach each child at their developmental level, laying a strong foundation upon which future learning is built.

Bible: Our year begins with lessons on Creation through the story of Noah.  We spend time in November with Biblical lessons on thankfulness.  In December, we concentrate on the Christmas story.  We continue with lessons of Jesus throughout his life, including his miracles, death and resurrection.  We finish the year learning about Jesus disciples and the spread of the Gospel.  We spend time each day singing and in prayer.  We do Bible memory work throughout the year with verses that relate to the lessons we are learning.  Christian characteristics are included throughout the day with the area of learning.

Early Literacy Skills:  Learning phonemic awareness is key to academic success.  Phonemic awareness skills include rhyming, counting syllables and identifying beginning & ending sounds.  Other literary skills are showing an interest in books and stories, comprehension skills and sequencing.

Math: Focus math skills are recognizing number symbols and number value.  We also learn colors, shapes and patterning.

Science: In Young Fives, we incorporate science in small segments throughout our day and curriculum.  From exploring the daily weather to graphing to exploring our senses, science is regularly included.  We intentionally include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities as appropriate within a current theme or lesson plan.

Physical Education: Young Five students receive one half hour of PE instruction each week. Students love to be active as they learn new ways to move and practice how to stay in personal space as they move. Many different objects are used to introduce basic skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

Art: Young Five students receive thirty minutes of art instruction each week. Young Fives is in an introduction to creating. This is a leveling year, so that all students move forward with the same base knowledge to build on. Students are introduced to all major materials used in the art room. They learn how to use them, and begin to learn how to take care of them. Projects will circle around shapes, lines, colors and seasons.

Music: Kindergarten students receive one half hour of instruction each week. Through the curriculum of Education Through Music (ETM), Music Express, and Singing Games Children Love, students experience music through movement, how to perform steady beat to music and how to echo short rhythms and melodic patterns.

Computers and Technology: Young Five students receive occasional computer instruction. Students use fun, interactive websites and basic programs like MS Paint to be creative and reinforce classroom learning. In addition, students learn about the parts of the computer and how to properly take care of them.